Manufacturing Humanity

Agapedia is an international, non-profit, organization focused on developing an adaptable network of support for children in need. This includes creative and educational projects, medical institutions, medical care, foster care, community centers, academic scholarships and much more. We began this journey in 1995 and for over 20 years we have helped support communities and transform lives through our great staff and dedicated volunteers.

In Romania our gynecological practice provides women in need, particularly women from villages, with basic medial care, contraceptives, family planning counseling and cancer check-ups. 

In Bulgaria our involvement started out in a public children's home in Gorna Bania near Sofia. Over the last 14 years, we have been able to develop three projects in Sofia and one in Plovdiv in 2008.

Moldova ranks 107 on the Human Development Index and is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Here we have helped establish courses to train nurses and project coordinators from remote villages in Moldova to care for elderly, sick and often neglected people and children. 

Our first project began in Esslingen, Germany. We established a children's center for ages six to twelve as a way of creating a small, positive world in which children feel at home. It is a space for children to realize their potentials, practice social behavior as well as intercultural learning. Today, the Children's Center in Esslingen services 30-60 children a day and serves as the International Project Office for our endeavors around the world.


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“Donec vitae auctor est. Duis massa eros, condimentum nec viverra eu, vulputate quis nibh.”

— Morbi Facilisis


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700,000 athletes in 2017

SilverLakes is a unique facility designed to serve the amateur youth sports community, with a primary emphasis on youth soccer. The facilities will also cater to other sports like cross country, equestrian and many more. SilverLakes will also bring family fun and entertainment to the underserved inland empire and all of Southern California. 

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Silverlakes is home to...

  • 24 Full Sized soccer fields

  • 4 LED lit synthetic fields

  • 5 equestrian arenas

  • 12,000 sq. foot outdoor cafe

  • 10,000 person concert facility

  • The Fieldhouse Restaurant & Bar

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